Link, Lace and Falling Leaves

There is a certain point in the fall when the morning mist becomes the wisp of smoke on the changing leaves of fire. Its a special russet and gold that creeps into your life, and you start thinking about gingerbread and pumpkin pies and getting the bulbs in for next spring’s splendor.  Around here in the Pacific Northwest it tends to come along with dark and rainy days which make the options for getting a good light photo a bit chancy.

img_20161007_140753So I’m going to start off with a lace shawl project since its shawl weather. This one is from a pattern called Robin’s Nest, it incorporates some more traditional Estonian lace with many nupps (thats those bumps in the pattern).  The yarn I used was a yarn swap gift that came all the way from China composed of yak, cashmere and milk protein. It was very soft and has a texture very similar to pure cashmere.


The outdoor photo does a much better job of getting the color right.

I have come to the conclusion that I really enjoy knitting lace as one of my favorite things.  Unfortunately there are only so many lace shawls you can knit for someone  as unasked for before it gets ridiculous. I’m starting to get a bit of a stockpile.

I did get some time at the sewing machine this past month too.  I found a wonderful Link fabric and made up some throw pillows for the living room as the old ones were starting to look kind of flat and sad.  I’ve managed to track down a more colorful version so I’ll have a few more to add to the family room soon.


I also turned over the quilting stash and found a pumpkin row kit and decided I’d make up a table runner out of it.  The original kit called for a five pumpkin row, but with a couple tiny additions from my stash I added in a sixth as we frequently leave the extra leave in our dining room table.


The reason why I was turning over the stash… well its getting to be that time of year and there are certain projects that need to be completed and considered for holidays.  Time to pour another cup of cider and tuck in for the cold.