Its Done!

Well finally… after many trials and a few frustrations… the Video Game quilt, aka my first quilt) is finally done!

So here is a ginormous photo so you can appreciate it in all its glory.  If you click on the photo below… the original image is quite large.

I love so many of these squares. I only wish I knew when I started all the things I know now so I'd be better at the execution of them!

Diversify! A Quilt for Geeks

So lately i’ve not been working on a knitting project… I’ve started my first quilt.  Which after reading a few How To’s about the internet I decided to try my hand at machine appliquéing some fun video game related images onto my squares.  It didn’t look like the applique would be terribly hard in concept so I figure I’d give it a go.   My theme would be games that Ben and I enjoy playing together.  I picked out Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Katamari from the consoles… and then Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI from our online gaming collection.

Well I’ve managed to get all 24 of my quilt squares (going for a twin/family room size) mostly done.  I still have some finer detail to work out on the last 4… three of which are Kingdom Flags from FFXI, and one which is based on original art.   I’m close to being able to start putting this together!

Here is the overview of the planned quilt in a photo.  Feel free to click on the image to view the entire quilt in progress gallery with some close ups.:

24 squares at least all mostly finished and laid out.


The middle two face squares are actually based on art that my good friend Allison drew of  Ben and mine’s main characters from WoW.  You can find her original images on her tumblr page HERE! 

So that’s what I’ve been up to that isn’t knitting!  Though I do have an idea (or six) running around my head….

Carbuncle I summon You!

I knit up a carbuncle from FFXI for my bf.

The tail and ears could use some wire to make them perk up like the carbuncle from the game, but otherwise I think he turned out pretty good.  Here’s a reference shot of Carbuncle from the game:

First Post: The cactuar!

So I started this blog to share pictures of some of my funner knit projects like….. a knit Cactuar!  Cactuars are creatures from the Final Fantasy series that look like this:

whereas my knit Cactuar looks like…..

Yes he is running the other way..... be afraid, very afraid!

Knit cactuar was inspired by my very first knit pair of socks.  (and of course Final Fantasy!) The main body resembles the stitch used at the heel of the socks, and the arms and legs are shaped like the heel of the sock.

How fast is plush cactuar?

— When you throw him across the room he really flies!

(Ok, yes that was a terrible joke.  But I actually demonstrated how “fast” my cactuar was for a few laughs!)