Its that time of year!

The holiday season is approaching!  As some of you may recall from last year, this is the time of season I migrate my shop to the more visible Etsy MissCarlotta’s Knit Shop.

If you are looking for some Warcraft or Starcraft stockings.. those are listed!  If you are looking for some simple knit scarves, I have a few of those listed too!

If you are more interested in something custom, drop me an email or contact me via the form on my About & Contact page.

If A Bird in the Hand is worth 2 in the Bush, How much for 14 birds in the hand?

So last Christmas when I wrapped up Debora, I tied on my tiny version of the Bird in a Tree bird.  I’d made up one per the directions and he was very cute… but in the spirit of wondering if one could knit something up in size 5 embroidery floss I knit up the small version.

Full size and original tiny red bird for comparison.

Full size and original tiny red bird for comparison.

Tiny red was very cute, and the seed beads worked pretty nicely for eyes, which spared me the french knots… which is one of my least favorite embroidery stitches.  Red bird was a bit of a success… and so I accepted the challenge of knitting over a dozen more… which leads us back to… 14 birds in the hand:

The rough equivalent of 28 bush birds.... which isn't even the record for Pine Siskins at my feeder this past spring.

The rough equivalent of 28 in the bush birds…. which isn’t even the record for Pine Siskins at my feeder this past spring.

All of these birds were knit up on some of my smallest double pointed needles from a multipack of what I thought I might need at some point doing lacy socks or something.  Which I believe is the size 00 needles.  All I know is the whole time I was knitting I was worried I would end up bending them into new and unusual shapes. (Which only happened that one time!)  The floss was ok, but didn’t have much give, so if you dropped a stitch or messed up, it was pretty much a frog and redo process.

Now… in case you were wondering how small these guys REALLY are…

That's a US nickel for size comparison

That’s a US nickel for size comparison

Egg Cartons - aka Bird Organizers

Egg Cartons – aka Bird Organizers


Christmas Stockings are now on Sale!

Well here we are at the part two of my New Years Resolution…. I have all my stockings crafted… now time to sell them off (I sincerely hope!)

They are all for sale at my etsy shop here:  minus one already claimed Zelda stocking.

Feel Free give me any feedback on my pricing/photography skills/etc!  And for those that refuse to click links here’s a gallery of all my stockings I knit this year that are up in the shop.

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You can also find links to both my shops on the right.  Now that you are wondering why I have two shops… well its because of readership.  WePay doesn’t charge me to list items only for sales, but the traffic is much smaller.  Etsy does charge me to list items, but there are slightly greater odds that someone will see the shop that maybe hasn’t been to my website.

Now in .com!

A few weeks ago, I took the plunge and updated the blog URL to, which may be a bit easier to keep track of… at least that’s a hope.

Starting the end of this month I’m going to start clearing out the stash of finished items, and I’m debating about posting a page here or just over on my wepay or etsy page.  If you have seen something you liked on the blog and want to enquire about a particular item you can send me an email using this handy form for now, it does get scanned for spam automatically: