Where did May go?

Sometimes its like everything and nothing is happening all at once.  But let’s start with the reason the log jam of the guestroom quilt made it out of the machine and onto the bed… My husband told me he didn’t want to ask for an Overwatch quilt since it seemed I wasn’t quilting as much.  Well it was more like I kept finding the repetitive line quilting boring.  So I ordered him a section of fleece and made him up a quilt for his Houston Outlaws team.


The design is hand appliqued onto the fleece.

In knitting news… Sock Madness has come to a close.  I made it to Round 5!  That means 6 pairs of socks (Qualifier and 5 rounds).

I’ve started work on my first paper pieced project from a kit I bought.  Its a new skill for me and so far I’m up to about 8 of 36 blocks done.

Catching up on my Quilting Along

This one is just a short update to catch you up on my catching up to the Quilt-A-Long I’m doing.

I managed to get the ? Block Block done.

Is it a coin?  Is is a mushroom?   Let's bash our head into it and find out!

Is it a coin? Is is a mushroom?
Let’s bash our head into it and find out!

And then to change it up… I did a Goomba!

Goombas are Dance Dance Revolution Champions!

Goombas are Dance Dance Revolution Champions!

This block reminded me about the younger days of the internet, when there were a large number of people making small animated gifs to append to their signature lines called blinkies.  (There were also “dolls”)

I totally made some back in the day too!

Choose Your Own Favorite: Starcraft Stocking Edition

Back when I was a kid, we had these popular books in which you got to Choose Your Own Adventure.   Every so many pages along, you had a choice of how you wanted to take the story… kill the vandals (turn to page 3) or help the vandals (turn to page 10). So since I’ve finished up the third Starcraft stocking… its time to Choose Your Favorite! Here are the candidates:

Protoss, Zerg, Terran

So tell me… which one you like best, and I welcome your comments!

April Showers bring Creep and Zerg

A few days ago my brain gave its little “oh no its April already!” snap and I knew I had to get to work on the April Stocking or risk running up against Derby Party and Mother’s Day guest housekeeping and planning.  Since I had already conquered finding yarn that looked sort of like creep and sort of like the reddish magenta of the zerg logo, that’s what I decided to tackle.

This stocking is done with the purl side out, which breaks up the lines a bit more like creep I hope!

This month I tried a non-traditional stocking heel approach in which I added the heel to the stock after I knit the main part of the stocking.  After my first trial run, I decided the stockinette side of the sock looked not “creepish” enough and decided to swap to the purl side.  The cuff is actually crochet.  Being all manner of particular I see all the parts I wish looked “better.”

Being the third Starcraft stocking, I can now check that game pretty much off the list.

Its Done!

Well finally… after many trials and a few frustrations… the Video Game quilt, aka my first quilt) is finally done!

So here is a ginormous photo so you can appreciate it in all its glory.  If you click on the photo below… the original image is quite large.

I love so many of these squares. I only wish I knew when I started all the things I know now so I'd be better at the execution of them!

Gotta Knit them All: Rapidash Messenger


Properly oriented Pokéball (white side down)

Ben has a friend/co-worker that is majorly into Pokémon.  He also commented that I should make him a pokémon laptop case.  While I could have gone with something simple like a three color pokéball design, naturally I didn’t go with JUST a pokéball design.

So I employed the finest in friend espionage to uncover which was his favorite Pokémonster.

Naturally he didn’t like something simple likeJigglypuff or everyone’s meme favorite Mudkip; his favorite was Rapidash, a flaming unicorn type.


Game Sprite of Rapidash

On the plus side game characters are all pixel based sprites, which makes pixelating an image into a stitch chart relatively easy.  1 pixel = 1 stitch.  So finding a sprite image of Rapidash wasn’t too difficult.

However, game design and development has come a long way in building up from things like Space invaders of 11 pixels and one color creatures to the mighty Rapidash with his 80 by 80 pixels sprite with multiple colors even for shading.

So I started knitting, but when I finally got the completed Rapidash panel side done, it was clear that this was not going to be small enough to be a laptop case.  And so a messenger bag design was born.  On the back side, with the layered fleece behind it being the laptop zipper pocket was the Rapidash side of the bag.


Rapidash sprite in knit

I used some bouclé yarn in autumn colors for my fire details, and mixed a strand of light colored needlepoint yarn with my darker beige in places to make an in-between shading spaces.   My first attempt was to knit with all these colors going all the time but it was rather chaotic, so I stuck with doing a stitch over my red and white stitches in the end.

The other side was a rather simple Pokéball design with a giant silver painted button for a clasp.


Pokébag with button clasp

Inside, the bag is double fleece lined (red on top of white) which enabled the feature of a zippered laptop sleeve on one side and a double pocket for Kindle and 3DS on the button side of the bag.

They are Invading the Macbook Air!

A few posts back I made my first hat with ear flaps… and it had space invaders on it.  I really enjoyed that pattern, though tbh the hat was far too small to wear. (bummer!)   However, the bf gave me a perfect opportunity to use the pattern again.

He bought a Macbook Air a few months ago when they were new and even the Apple Store didn’t have a case that was the right size yet.  So I endeavored to make him a case.

Having never actually sewn a zipper before the mark 1 version had a few zipper related issues… and so I made the Mark 2:

He seems to like it… and there are a few people that have said nice things to him at work.  Which has made me toy with the idea of some other laptop cases.  Perhaps a Katamari one for rolling up ones laptop at the end of the day…. ^_~

Blizzcon Follow up

Ok so I managed to knit up a second soulwell to trade for an awesome clay felpup with another con-goer.   I also had some not the right color but trial green healthstone purses:


Photo quality a result of taking phone photos in the hotel since I forgot to before we left!

And I can say the following about the soulwell handbags current design.  Its durability is outstanding.  At one point I had $30 in quarters, a 20oz soda, a Nintendo DS, a PSP Go, my wallet and a book (hey it was on the airplane) and the base stayed steady as a rock!  The handles held up well but after carrying it around for a long day of hanging onto it… I’d say it needs a wider base under the knit…  the coathanger wire was a bit thin.   So for future renovations and request I’d update the handles.

Now onto new things!  So while we were hanging out in line waiting to get in we came up with a number of nifty crafts to try to make for next year:

  • A train set: that can be tossed down while in the vast line for the con, and then picked up quickly.  The plan is to get people all around you making the train noise.
  • Raid Icon Hats:  When you travel with a group it can be easy to miss someone…. if only you had the ability to put raid icons on!  Now one of our friends there is an electrical engineer…. we tossed this idea to him in case he can find a way to make them so awesome you can change the icon.  But if not… I’m prepared to knit!  (May also consider headbands instead of hats)
  • Handbags Suggested for next year:  A Lightwell, A cozy Fire.