5 thoughts on “Too silly for Blizzcon?

    • I haven’t sincerely thought about it. I am making one up for someone as an art exchange, but the majority of it is the time to make it.

      If you knit I’m hoping to put a pattern together.

  1. Did you put a pattern together for this bag? I am new to knitting and love your stuff. I am just not at the point where I can create my own patterns yet. I would love to see a pattern for your Horde/Alliance Christmas stockings. I have found charts for the symbols, just not sure about the stockings themselves.

    • Thank you for the compliment.

      I started writing the bag pattern, and its partially done. One issue I ran into, was that while the bag base and construction held up well, the handles I used in my prototypes (I made two) was hanger wire inside i-cord, and after a day at the con, filling it with con-swag the handles were hard on the hands. 😦 So I need to find an alternative, (If you have any ideas I’m happy to hear them.)

      The stockings are just a basic stocking/sock pattern, there are a couple different heel turns I tried. The basics is you want to cast on about twice as many stitches as your colorwork pattern and join in the round. Fewer stitches means your pattern will wrap around the stocking more. (Like the lion does) Most of those were done with duplicate stitching, so the base is a single color tube that you knit for a few more inches than the number of rows in your colorwork chart. (Room above the pattern for your cuff, and then a bit below for space above your heel). Turn the heel like you would a sock. This heels by the numbers page really helped me out with the higher stitch count heel turns. After you finish your basic sock, you pick up the stitches at your cast on edge and work a decorative cuff. On the warcraft ones I believe those are just a couple rows of single chain crochet, one with some looping, but others were knit cuffs.

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