Blizzcon Follow up

Ok so I managed to knit up a second soulwell to trade for an awesome clay felpup with another con-goer.   I also had some not the right color but trial green healthstone purses:


Photo quality a result of taking phone photos in the hotel since I forgot to before we left!

And I can say the following about the soulwell handbags current design.  Its durability is outstanding.  At one point I had $30 in quarters, a 20oz soda, a Nintendo DS, a PSP Go, my wallet and a book (hey it was on the airplane) and the base stayed steady as a rock!  The handles held up well but after carrying it around for a long day of hanging onto it… I’d say it needs a wider base under the knit…  the coathanger wire was a bit thin.   So for future renovations and request I’d update the handles.

Now onto new things!  So while we were hanging out in line waiting to get in we came up with a number of nifty crafts to try to make for next year:

  • A train set: that can be tossed down while in the vast line for the con, and then picked up quickly.  The plan is to get people all around you making the train noise.
  • Raid Icon Hats:  When you travel with a group it can be easy to miss someone…. if only you had the ability to put raid icons on!  Now one of our friends there is an electrical engineer…. we tossed this idea to him in case he can find a way to make them so awesome you can change the icon.  But if not… I’m prepared to knit!  (May also consider headbands instead of hats)
  • Handbags Suggested for next year:  A Lightwell, A cozy Fire.

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