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A Bit About Me:

I took a knitting class over the summer a few years back and since then I’ve gotten the knitting bug!  I knit some basic things like scarves, and hats and socks, but I also enjoy knitting up some kind of silly things… like plushies and videogame related items.

Based on Games with Ben

Based on Games with Ben

In 2011 I finally made my first quilt.  This was a long time coming, as I grew up with a family that quilted.  I first learned how to hand piece and sew a rag quilt at the knee of a “great grandmother” (step parent side).  Due to some rather nasty vocal opinions on bloodlines and inheriting unfinished quilts after she passed, my urge to quilt was rather diminished for several years until finally I decided to just take the plunge on my own.  I enjoy it.  I am at a beginners ok skill level and looking to get better.

The Starcraft was hung by the chimney with care...

The Starcraft was hung by the chimney with care…

For 2012 I did a whole year of knitting Christmas Stockings in various flavors (several geeky) and sold a few.  It was a fun experiment in knitting and had me focused for a whole year, but its not something I’d want to stockpile.  I enjoy learning new patterns and using them to create other creations.

Green and White is always Right!

Green and White is always Right!

In 2013 I tackled my first sweater.  I’m actually quite proud of how it turned out, and I was eager to take on my second… which veered into “oh god something went terribly wrong and now I have to figure out how to fix it!” territory, but it all came out in the end.  I’ve also made a few lace shawls, which was an intro to learning how to read charts.  I learned how to double knit, where both sides of the fabric look like the front “Stockinette” side and they mirror each other.  I also added some additional quilt patterns to my skills including the Dresden Plate.

Brioche in two colors

Brioche in two colors

In 2014,  I learned how to Brioche stitch, and then did it with two colors!  I overcame the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome, and have so much yarn just begging to be used.  I joined my first yarn club, and it was great having a skein to look forward to every month.  I worked on doing my first Quilt-A-Long, and knitted with beads.  Much more color work happened including mitts and mittens, and there was finally a use for some of that fun fur novelty yarn!  I published two more patterns, the Nyan Cowl and MissCarlotta Goes to Market.

For 2015, I got engaged, so that means wedding knits.  I also joined in a sock knitting competition and filled out some more hand knit socks for my sock drawer.  Made my first pair of socks to fit another person – and they did!  Worked on learning mosaic knitting, and color work socks too.


Quilt Based on a Knight’s Tour Graph

2016, I knit many more socks (Sock Madness Again), and shrunk myself out of all my hand knit sweaters. I tackled more lace and a long double knitting scarf project in fingering weight. I started to felt some creations.  I had a couple of my own creations for quilts come together into finished works.  And I carded and spun my first attempt at yarn, which was rather lumpy.

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You can use this form to contact me, or email me at carla(AT)misscarlotta(DOT)com:

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