April Showers bring Creep and Zerg

A few days ago my brain gave its little “oh no its April already!” snap and I knew I had to get to work on the April Stocking or risk running up against Derby Party and Mother’s Day guest housekeeping and planning.  Since I had already conquered finding yarn that looked sort of like creep and sort of like the reddish magenta of the zerg logo, that’s what I decided to tackle.

This stocking is done with the purl side out, which breaks up the lines a bit more like creep I hope!

This month I tried a non-traditional stocking heel approach in which I added the heel to the stock after I knit the main part of the stocking.  After my first trial run, I decided the stockinette side of the sock looked not “creepish” enough and decided to swap to the purl side.  The cuff is actually crochet.  Being all manner of particular I see all the parts I wish looked “better.”

Being the third Starcraft stocking, I can now check that game pretty much off the list.

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