I hate it when a plan doesn’t come together….

So sometimes the concept of what you want to do makes you excited and you look forward to it with anticipation…. for me it was this plan:

This is a flat view of a round stocking… with a line down the middle, splitting mario and 2 blocks from the last block and the piranha plant.

However… as it came together there was some puckering. And then the scale was off. Like so far off I was debating about salvaging it into a stocking hat. But I think I’ll pull it out and go back to the drawing board:

Disappointing…. 😦

May Bonus: Dammit Jim! Its a Stocking not a Doctor!

So as a follow up to my January “Kirk” stocking… here’s one for those not in command… an original series science officer stocking.

Left Side

Like the “Kirk” this one also features the design on both sides.

Right Side – Logically this means you can hang it facing either way!

May: Pacman Stocking

I have had this stocking idea rattling around in my brain for a bit, and was surprised at how quick it actually ended up coming together. I used the after-thought heel method, and while it is certainly quite a bit easier when you are laying out the design phase, I’m not 100% sold on the final product look.

I am however… somewhat happy with how the stocking design came out. Its an all over design, which I think is extra nice.

Front Side!

Back Side!

I was actually thinking I would work on my May stocking this upcoming Wednesday… but got a bit carried away… maybe I’ll be able to tackle a second one this month! (But don’t hold your breath… you probably won’t look so good as a Smurf!)