Choose Your Own Favorite: Starcraft Stocking Edition

Back when I was a kid, we had these popular books in which you got to Choose Your Own Adventure.   Every so many pages along, you had a choice of how you wanted to take the story… kill the vandals (turn to page 3) or help the vandals (turn to page 10). So since I’ve finished up the third Starcraft stocking… its time to Choose Your Favorite! Here are the candidates:

Protoss, Zerg, Terran

So tell me… which one you like best, and I welcome your comments!

April Showers bring Creep and Zerg

A few days ago my brain gave its little “oh no its April already!” snap and I knew I had to get to work on the April Stocking or risk running up against Derby Party and Mother’s Day guest housekeeping and planning.  Since I had already conquered finding yarn that looked sort of like creep and sort of like the reddish magenta of the zerg logo, that’s what I decided to tackle.

This stocking is done with the purl side out, which breaks up the lines a bit more like creep I hope!

This month I tried a non-traditional stocking heel approach in which I added the heel to the stock after I knit the main part of the stocking.  After my first trial run, I decided the stockinette side of the sock looked not “creepish” enough and decided to swap to the purl side.  The cuff is actually crochet.  Being all manner of particular I see all the parts I wish looked “better.”

Being the third Starcraft stocking, I can now check that game pretty much off the list.