Choose Your Own Favorite: Starcraft Stocking Edition

Back when I was a kid, we had these popular books in which you got to Choose Your Own Adventure.   Every so many pages along, you had a choice of how you wanted to take the story… kill the vandals (turn to page 3) or help the vandals (turn to page 10). So since I’ve finished up the third Starcraft stocking… its time to Choose Your Favorite! Here are the candidates:

Protoss, Zerg, Terran

So tell me… which one you like best, and I welcome your comments!

2 thoughts on “Choose Your Own Favorite: Starcraft Stocking Edition

  1. Is there ANY way I can get theses patterns from you!! I’m a knitter and my fiance is obsessed with StarCraft!! This would be an amazing gift 🙂

    • I do not have patterns. I can point you to the charts I used for the logos, and I can tell you the basics of what I did (which if you are familiar with socks or stockings you’d probably do just fine with), but I did not write up patterns when I made them.

      I do still have the Terran and Protoss Stockings for sale. I am fairly certain I have the Zerg yarn in my stash, if you would want to have that one made.

      Send me an email carlaATmisscarlottaDOTcom and let me know which you would prefer.

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