Not just geeky knitting happens here…

I realize that I knit quite a bit of geeky things… even my first quilt was all videogame blocks. But I do work on other more traditional beautiful projects. The banner above was a peg-rack full of scarves. So here’s a couple in the works projects…. (apologies in advance these are cell phone photos)

First I have some pieces that will eventually be a baby afghan. I don’t have children, and frankly don’t really know what I’ll do with it when its done, but I just liked the designs and was given some children’s weight/color yarn. So these are my edges based on and a wheat ear cabling. I like the leaf design, and my somewhat matching yarn is just the blue verigated with no greens…. I am thinking I will make it a tree row and then add a border.

Half Done with the second side.

Here’s a closer detail on the stitching.

To be fair, I’ve had that project on the needles for some time, was working on it while traveling and just getting distracted and kept pulling out rows because I flubbed it up and then going back… but I’m finally making some solid forward progress.

Second item…
I am working on my second quilt. The original plan was a very hawaiian style quilt, as a gift to my grandmother. She used to go to Hawaii every winter with my grandfather. And I wanted her to know how much I think about her and worry about her even though I am the world’s worst letter writer (in the mailing it out dept). However, my quilt blocks aren’t super Hawaiian, and fall more toward the snowflakes realm of things… so its a snowflake quilt. I have all my flakes cut out and I’m currently appliquĆ©ing them on.

Yes, I love snow.

Unfortunately my quilt shop near me is closing this month. šŸ˜¦
Which has me all manner of sad, since the proprietor was the kindest and most helpful person in my quilting experiments. She always seemed sincerely interested in my quilting efforts, even though it was obvious the subject matter wasn’t familiar. So now.. my nearest fabric shop is once again.. at least 30 minutes away.

July: Knitting and Binary!

Knitting and Binary are actually quite similar, in knitting there are two basic stitches… knit and perl.

So this stocking celebrates the pure geekery of binary!

Side 01

Side 10

For those of you that I know would spend hours attempting to decipher what it is on this wrap around design I’ll give you the code and the means to translate.

Here’s the binary on the stocking:

01001000 01100001
01110000 01110000

00100000 01000011
01101000 01110010
01101001 01110011
01110100 01101101
01100001 01110011

00100000 01001000
01100001 01101110
01110101 01101011
01101011 01100001

00100000 01000110
01100101 01110011
01110100 01101001
01110110 01110101

In addition to using that in a binary translator online, here’s the code you can run in a terminal window to translate (courtesy of Ben):

#!/usr/bin/perl -n

while (/([01]+)/g) {
$str = $1;
if ($str =~ /^0/) {
substr($str, 0, 1, ”);
print chr(oct(“0b$str”));

print $/;

WoW! A June Double Feature

So technically its the 1st of July, but since one of these was completed completely in June and the other just needed a hanging loop, I am still counting them both as June. During June I was out of town for two weeks… and so had to rely on what yarn I could fit in my carry on and loaner scissors for part of these projects.. so I figure a few hours into July isn’t technically cheating.

Choose your faction!

These both feature one sided designs, with crochet cuffs. The Alliance Lion has a scalloped edge cuff, and the “after thought” heel.

By the Might of the Lion!

The horde stocking has a traditional turned heel and a straight cuff. I contemplated going white instead of black, but Ben gave me a bit of the side-eye so stuck with traditional black.

For the Horde!