They are Invading the Macbook Air!

A few posts back I made my first hat with ear flaps… and it had space invaders on it.  I really enjoyed that pattern, though tbh the hat was far too small to wear. (bummer!)   However, the bf gave me a perfect opportunity to use the pattern again.

He bought a Macbook Air a few months ago when they were new and even the Apple Store didn’t have a case that was the right size yet.  So I endeavored to make him a case.

Having never actually sewn a zipper before the mark 1 version had a few zipper related issues… and so I made the Mark 2:

He seems to like it… and there are a few people that have said nice things to him at work.  Which has made me toy with the idea of some other laptop cases.  Perhaps a Katamari one for rolling up ones laptop at the end of the day…. ^_~

Some firsts are better than others

When you first knit up a pattern, sometimes you get it right and sometimes… its a little off.  However, so long as you learn from your mistakes then that’s what counts.

For example, my first pair of socks:

Pay no attention to the odd seamed toes!

They turned out ok… a bit larger than I had anticipated, and the toe seaming needs some serious work, but you can at least tell they are socks and they are indeed wearable and quite cozy!  While I was knitting them up, I learned turning heels and the back of the heal stitch that eventually went into my cactuar doll.

Then there was the knitting book I received from my Dad and Elaine, in which they instructed on how to make hats with ear flaps.  This would probably have turned out just as perfectly if I had stuck with just one color for my project but……

Remember this game?

While the hat looks pretty cool (if i do say so myself)  it is alas far to small for a normal adult head.  It turned out the perfect size for a 15″ head… which is about the size of a child of under 1 year old.  Which I do not have…. -.-

never fear, invaders hat has inspired me on a new project which you can expect to see here sometime in the future.