Second Most Comfortable Wormhole in the Caterverse! (And Directions)

So yes… two cats means two cat beds.  And never one to repeat myself  (I got bored on the second sock of my first pair of socks!) I decided to up the ante with an Atlantis version of the StarGate Cat bed.

Cats are so smart they can use both Milky Way and Pegasus Galaxy design gates to access the Caterverse!

While I got through the repetitive main gate stitching a bit faster, when it came to the glyphs… the stars were about seven levels of more painful.  I ended up hand stitching the majority of those tiny blue dots.  For reference, they were created using a paperhole punch and there are 114 of those things.

Gates to the Caterverse have been tested at various stages of construction. Conan is testing the Pegasus gate pre-chevrons.

This gate is a bit bigger than my original gate.  It has a total of 10 symbols.  Otherwise basic construction was the same.

SGC (StarGate Cat) technology is adaptable to multiple universe gates.

I am providing my instructions with patterns on how to make your own gate.  These are freely available for private use only.  If you use these directions, I’d love a photo!

    Stargate Cat Bed Directions (PDF)

Most Comfortable Wormhole in the known Cat-erverse

This is Conan:

FDR had Fireside chats.... we have Fireside cats.

Conan has a foam fetish…. as in we used to have two cat beds, much loved and well used, but Conan liked to pull all the foam out from the bottom.  So now we have strange misshapen lumps of former cat beds.

So I thought I’d see what kind of unusual geeky cat beds were out there in the world… and frankly the pickings were pretty slim.  There was one person with her Millenium Falcon pillow bed… and lots and lots of fish.  So with some thinking and pondering I finally hooked on one familiar circular shape…. a Stargate!  You know that movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader where they travel through a giant circular wormhole gate to another planet and defeat Ra, that spun off a TV series(SG1), and then another TV series(Atlantis), and another TV series(Universe).  THAT!

So with a lot of repetitive decorative stitching….. I now give you the Stargate Cat Bed:

Sonja was quick to test the gate out.

My gate has 9 symbols (including Earth, my birth sign, and Ben’s birth sign) and 3 chevrons.  The interior floor is done in a wormhole blue.  Most importantly though… the bottom foam is covered with canvas to keep out a certain foam fetishist.

Link:  Lots of additional photos of the gate in progress

Update:  Well it took a few days but Sonja finally considered sharing her Stargate Bed with Conan.

Sharing... but only until the Atlantis version is done!

Diversify! A Quilt for Geeks

So lately i’ve not been working on a knitting project… I’ve started my first quilt.  Which after reading a few How To’s about the internet I decided to try my hand at machine appliquéing some fun video game related images onto my squares.  It didn’t look like the applique would be terribly hard in concept so I figure I’d give it a go.   My theme would be games that Ben and I enjoy playing together.  I picked out Final Fantasy, Zelda, Metroid, Pikmin, Katamari from the consoles… and then Starcraft 2, World of Warcraft and Final Fantasy XI from our online gaming collection.

Well I’ve managed to get all 24 of my quilt squares (going for a twin/family room size) mostly done.  I still have some finer detail to work out on the last 4… three of which are Kingdom Flags from FFXI, and one which is based on original art.   I’m close to being able to start putting this together!

Here is the overview of the planned quilt in a photo.  Feel free to click on the image to view the entire quilt in progress gallery with some close ups.:

24 squares at least all mostly finished and laid out.


The middle two face squares are actually based on art that my good friend Allison drew of  Ben and mine’s main characters from WoW.  You can find her original images on her tumblr page HERE! 

So that’s what I’ve been up to that isn’t knitting!  Though I do have an idea (or six) running around my head….