Some firsts are better than others

When you first knit up a pattern, sometimes you get it right and sometimes… its a little off.  However, so long as you learn from your mistakes then that’s what counts.

For example, my first pair of socks:

Pay no attention to the odd seamed toes!

They turned out ok… a bit larger than I had anticipated, and the toe seaming needs some serious work, but you can at least tell they are socks and they are indeed wearable and quite cozy!  While I was knitting them up, I learned turning heels and the back of the heal stitch that eventually went into my cactuar doll.

Then there was the knitting book I received from my Dad and Elaine, in which they instructed on how to make hats with ear flaps.  This would probably have turned out just as perfectly if I had stuck with just one color for my project but……

Remember this game?

While the hat looks pretty cool (if i do say so myself)  it is alas far to small for a normal adult head.  It turned out the perfect size for a 15″ head… which is about the size of a child of under 1 year old.  Which I do not have…. -.-

never fear, invaders hat has inspired me on a new project which you can expect to see here sometime in the future.

Looney Toons: Gossamer

When I told an online friend I had learned how to make a heart shaped plushie… she instantly asked if I could make a Gossamer Plush.

Well up to that point I’d made just a pair of  cat toy hearts that were very even sided.  Gossamer has a bit of a long sided body so it took some searching to find the right shaped heart… but I think I did alright.

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First Post: The cactuar!

So I started this blog to share pictures of some of my funner knit projects like….. a knit Cactuar!  Cactuars are creatures from the Final Fantasy series that look like this:

whereas my knit Cactuar looks like…..

Yes he is running the other way..... be afraid, very afraid!

Knit cactuar was inspired by my very first knit pair of socks.  (and of course Final Fantasy!) The main body resembles the stitch used at the heel of the socks, and the arms and legs are shaped like the heel of the sock.

How fast is plush cactuar?

— When you throw him across the room he really flies!

(Ok, yes that was a terrible joke.  But I actually demonstrated how “fast” my cactuar was for a few laughs!)