The things I get talked into….

So… yesterday Ben points out to me the very cute Chewbacca that Wil Wheaton was reposting.  And I mentioned that I had seen it and it was actually a contest entry in the ThinkGeek /Instructables Sci Fi Contest. (Yes that is 3 links, but the last one there is the one you want for looking at entries)

So naturally… I let myself be talked into entering the Stargate Cat Bed.  (OK it didn’t take a LOT of convincing… just some encouragement)

Still maintaining wormhole stability!

So if you are also a bit of a fan of such things…hop on over to look at the entries, and put in a vote for your favorite, whichever one that may be… because there are some amazing things over there!

Christmas Stockings are now on Sale!

Well here we are at the part two of my New Years Resolution…. I have all my stockings crafted… now time to sell them off (I sincerely hope!)

They are all for sale at my etsy shop here:  minus one already claimed Zelda stocking.

Feel Free give me any feedback on my pricing/photography skills/etc!  And for those that refuse to click links here’s a gallery of all my stockings I knit this year that are up in the shop.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

You can also find links to both my shops on the right.  Now that you are wondering why I have two shops… well its because of readership.  WePay doesn’t charge me to list items only for sales, but the traffic is much smaller.  Etsy does charge me to list items, but there are slightly greater odds that someone will see the shop that maybe hasn’t been to my website.