Everything All At Once!

You may remember my last post about how my plans with my quilt frame were being held hostage by some universal clog… well someone snaked the drain because its all happening and its happening now.

Firstly, on my large project I made it another 10 rows and ran out of thread. The shop I bought it from was sold out of that colorway and so I send a couple Ravelry inquiries in search of someone with some left over. I found one amazing soul that has answered the call and it looks like postal tracking will have it here by Thursday. If so… in theory I could possibly meet my June 2nd hopeful deadline… but I will need to find a blocking solution while out of town. So… put that on the maybe list.

So I used the time to play catch up on my Hat of the Month KAL. I had fallen behind in April, which is a beret and honestly it wasn’t really one I was fond of, but was going to just finish it in the spirit of being a KAL person. But somehow along the way, I decided to try something a bit different. The pattern is for a one color hat, but I decided to add a long change contrast to the design and now I kind of love how it turned out! Berets are the one hats I feel I need to block, and the fact you block them on a dinner plate amuses me.

May hat also was finished. Literally while on the way to pick up my Quilt Frame Top Carriage! Yes it finally came in today. I unpacked it and set it and the stitch regulator up, and wound my bobbins for the first quilt top I have planned. I need to sort out some batting, but I am so excited to get started trying out my new toy.

I should mention that end of current Sock Madness round is tomorrow (Wednesday) with next round starting sometime in the near future. I have my second dose of my vaccine and leave for a memorial on Monday. So… not sure how much quilting time I will get in, but with five or so tops to work on there is going to be a lot of practice in the near future!

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