Shop Hop Part Two (6 more Shops)

So in order to be eligible for prizes you need to visit 16 stores.  With the bus that covered my first ten.  So on Friday I stopped at the three most local to me, and yesterday got the last three more on the way to Mount Rainier.

I picked up my giant length of white for my wedding quilt, the grey background for my guestroom top as well as several bits and pieces for both the wedding and dinosaur quilts I have on the idea board.

Day Two Fabric Haul

And if you recall the Seattle Fabrics I picked up last year and still haven’t made a project with… well the last shop we stopped at had a Washington Fabric that has similar themes…. so I got some of that too.

Washington Fabric

My fabric stash is piling up… I’d best get to work!  Though I will leave you with a teaser of the latest quilt idea I have been working on.

Fishpond WIP top

Shop Hopping Year Two

Yesterday was the North Bus Trip of the Western Washington Quilt Shop Hop.  I decided to do the trip again this year, even though Jean wasn’t going… and as usual its a pretty good time if you are a quilter.  The shops offer a free pattern and at least some of the themed fabric to make their square design.  They can also offer the remaining fabrics or other notions as a finishing kit.  If you visit enough shops you can enter to win some great prizes.

I tend to shop with an objectives list as it gives me a bit more focus and I tend to not go as overboard.  So the first thing on my list was fabrics for my wedding decoration and quilt.  I finished up the first block (minus the embroidery) on Tuesday so I would know how much of various colors I might want or need.

Wedding Quilt Block

The second project on my buy list was for a quilt for our guest room.  We repainted it this year and so most of my pale blue and pink was not fitting in.  So I picked up several yellows and greens for that.

Guestroom Fabric

Now, to be perfectly honest… there is always more shopping than just the needs.  Apparently this year I needed some whales, dinosaurs and cats.  As well as a quilters map, and the knitting related fabric.

i also fell a bit in love with this pattern for a modified Dresden and flowers.  The shop had a sample quilt on display and it was AMAZING.  I am thinking of going a bit scrappy with it, as I’ve been piling up a “few” scraps.

Dresden Blooms

This year the shop hop was happening at the same time as the Row by Row Experience, which is a nationwide event.  The shops offer a free pattern for a row.  They can also offer a kit to complete their row which may have a cost. I did pick up patterns, but only a few of the kits.  I seem to have quite a bit of blues in my stash and the theme this year is H2O… so I’ll see if I have the time to assemble some rows.

So here’s my pile of patterns and kits from the hop and the Row by Row.

Hop Kits

Happy Birthday to me~ A Gift made from part of a Tree!

Perhaps you will recall my friends I gave the orange and blue quilts to?  (If not see here and here)   Well, “Mr. Endless Stairs” enjoys woodworking, and frankly he’s pretty amazing at it.  Today he brought me a gift I totally happy danced over.

My very own Quilt Rack:

Such a nice finish!

Happy Dance not shown.

Now I’m having a difficult time deciding where I want to put it… for now its in the family room, with my first ever quilt on it:

PIkmin 3 is out tomorrow fyi!

PIkmin 3 is out tomorrow fyi!  And those aren’t wrinkles.. those are snuggle impressions!  (ok, they ARE wrinkles but I couldn’t wait to take pictures!)

And here’s a couple more glamour shots….  I will have a post sometime in the not too distant future where you can see that light blue one in the back better, but that’s for another day… today its all about the wood underneath!

Yes... its overcast here near the Seattle side.... what makes you ask?

Yes… its overcast here near the Seattle side…. what makes you ask?

And a fine top down view with some new fabrics from the new local quilt shop:

I think the blue one looks like Frank Lloyd Wright stain glass, and the green is more Tiffany style

I think the blue one looks like Frank Lloyd Wright stain glass, and the green is more Tiffany style

And while I said it in person, I shall say it again to all and sundry…. Thanks!  It really is an amazing gift.