It’s a laptop case, not a Tri-corder Jim!

So I hinted at this one in my last post, but I’ve held off posting until I was able to give it to my very Trek fan friend, Todd.   Personally I would have felt a little tacky to post it, have him see it and then later given it with an “oh yeah and its yours”  so anonymous and partially anonymous (Hi mom!) internet people had to wait.

One fleece lined, Captain Kirk flavored laptop case.  Pattern is the same on both sides:

What's a laptop cap'n? Well its like a Tri-corder only larger and with a viewing screen.

One thought on “It’s a laptop case, not a Tri-corder Jim!

  1. Now that I’ve found your blog (I am a bit slow about finding things sometimes), I thought I’d tell you how much I enjoy my laptop case. Thank you so much for the fun and unique gift. 🙂 – Trek fan – Todd

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