An Update and…. Wonton Destruction

Ok so, if anyone is wondering if I gave up on geeky knitting after the pokebag…. no.  I am however in the middle of a needlepoint break from knitting.  Please excuse my hasty photos that are unfortunately a bit fuzzy.  I’ll try to update them a bit later.  One project is done:

Stitched up but I need to finish it with a backing and stuff it into a pillow. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy.

And the other project I am still working on but I can’t show a photo of because its a future gift and photos on my blog would kind of ruin the whole surprise part of the gift giving.

I did however take a small break to give life to a rather amusing note found on a whiteboard that was a picture of a Wonton with the caption ‘Wonton Destruction”.    I mean a wonton wrapper is just a square right… how hard could it be…..

Do not be fooled by his soft and fuzzy feel... he is secretly plotting to destroy the world!

And lastly…. a sneak peek at the yarn involved in my next knitting project.  Careful the caption puns are dangerous.

I will relish when I get ketsup on my needlework and can get knitting on this Mustard colored yarn.

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