To Boldly Go….. into New Years Resolutions

So this year I decided to get off my bum and make my crafting work a bit harder for me.   So my resolution/goal this year is to knit one Christmas Stocking each month from now through October, and then list them for sale in October/November.  I worry that I am not a super fast knitter and I am hoping this will give me a nice little pile of stock that hopefully some people are interested in.

So for this month, partially inspired by the amount of yarn I still had after finishing my last laptop case, I present this month’s stocking… the “Kirk”

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Kirk is a 2-sided design, so it can be hung facing either direction.  Laid flat, and unstretched he is 8 inches wide and 15 inches from cuff to bottom of the heel.  He has a sturdy thick knitted cord suitable for hanging.

Pattern adapted from the cross-stitch pattern created by Nancy Sims seen here.

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