Most Comfortable Wormhole in the known Cat-erverse

This is Conan:

FDR had Fireside chats.... we have Fireside cats.

Conan has a foam fetish…. as in we used to have two cat beds, much loved and well used, but Conan liked to pull all the foam out from the bottom.  So now we have strange misshapen lumps of former cat beds.

So I thought I’d see what kind of unusual geeky cat beds were out there in the world… and frankly the pickings were pretty slim.  There was one person with her Millenium Falcon pillow bed… and lots and lots of fish.  So with some thinking and pondering I finally hooked on one familiar circular shape…. a Stargate!  You know that movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader where they travel through a giant circular wormhole gate to another planet and defeat Ra, that spun off a TV series(SG1), and then another TV series(Atlantis), and another TV series(Universe).  THAT!

So with a lot of repetitive decorative stitching….. I now give you the Stargate Cat Bed:

Sonja was quick to test the gate out.

My gate has 9 symbols (including Earth, my birth sign, and Ben’s birth sign) and 3 chevrons.  The interior floor is done in a wormhole blue.  Most importantly though… the bottom foam is covered with canvas to keep out a certain foam fetishist.

Link:  Lots of additional photos of the gate in progress

Update:  Well it took a few days but Sonja finally considered sharing her Stargate Bed with Conan.

Sharing... but only until the Atlantis version is done!

February… Celebrate the love of Zelda and Link

Hey! Listen!  its only 7 days into the month of February and I’ve gotten my stocking done!  I started this one with the desire to have a slightly nicer cuff.  So there are bobbles and Triforces.

How fitting that the Triforce is encircled in a stitch called the Trinity Stitch!

After that I went with a classic white stocking with a green heel and toe to complement the cuff.    This one I went a bit longer…. and then finished it off with a Link on one side and a Princess Zelda on the other.    I am not super happy with the pink of the faces and arms so I may redo those into a slightly darker shade to differentiate them more.  (Mental Note:  Add “flesh” to yarn shopping list)

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Its Done!

Well finally… after many trials and a few frustrations… the Video Game quilt, aka my first quilt) is finally done!

So here is a ginormous photo so you can appreciate it in all its glory.  If you click on the photo below… the original image is quite large.

I love so many of these squares. I only wish I knew when I started all the things I know now so I'd be better at the execution of them!