Check Yourself Cowl Pattern

Check YourselfI am both immensely proud and partially horrified… I’ve just published my first for pay pattern.  My test knitter messaged me with a pre-coffee wake up update that she had finished her knitting and so the Check Yourself Cowl is now available on Ravelry.

The pattern was test knit and includes directions for both an Aran or Worsted Weight yarn options, and works very well with one yarn that may not have a consistent gauge, such as your own homespun or in my sample, Manos del Uruguay Classica.

And now for some sentimental rambling thoughts…

Deciding to sell a pattern rather than just give it away is one of those brain hurdles for me.  Up until now, I was easing my way into the pool with some free patterns… learning the ropes and through my own knitting seeing the good patterns vs bad patterns traits.  But there comes a point when you just have to take the big plunge and as I was making up my cowl… that was the time.  Get wet and get over it.

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