Get Wrecked! And NaKniSweMo

I know, I know… its hard to believe but I’m adding a new blog post already!

So first up… the Wreck Yourself Cowl pattern has been written and proofread, and basically all I need is a test knitter who can knit it up and make sure that my brain and my typing fingers weren’t conspiring against me. If that is of interest to you, get in touch (just a phrase you don’t actually have to physically touch me) and I will send you the pattern.

Secondly…. I finished up a hat.  And not just a plain old hat, but a reversible 2 color brioche hat, so its full of smoosh and color!

Pattern is called Flaming Hat (and there is a matching scarf pattern).  The pattern is very well written and charted.  My biggest problems were occasionally dropping a stitch.  So I worked on my how to pick up a dropped brioche stitch skills.

Which brings us to NaKniSweMo… and if you think that’s a made up word, you are right.  Its an abbreviation meant to represent National Knit a Sweater Month.  This is more a knitters commandeering National Novel Writing Month’s premise of writing a 50,000 word (or more) novel in a month.  Only in knitter feats that translates to a 50,000 or more stitch sweater.  I am sort of participating.  I say sort of because… I am skipping the whole how many stitches portion and just knitting up a sweater.  My added difficulty is the yarn I’ve selected (from my stash) is 26 balls of black fingering weight that doesn’t have any yardage listed.  I have attempted to assure my brain that even should each ball only contain 100 yards I have more than enough yarn for the project.  Now I just need my brain to kick over out of “I hope we don’t run out mode.”  As a bonus difficulty I am also attempting to work on a quilting holiday present.  Naturally I can’t post about it here until after its finished, but… COMING SOON!

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