Most Comfortable Wormhole in the known Cat-erverse

This is Conan:

FDR had Fireside chats.... we have Fireside cats.

Conan has a foam fetish…. as in we used to have two cat beds, much loved and well used, but Conan liked to pull all the foam out from the bottom.  So now we have strange misshapen lumps of former cat beds.

So I thought I’d see what kind of unusual geeky cat beds were out there in the world… and frankly the pickings were pretty slim.  There was one person with her Millenium Falcon pillow bed… and lots and lots of fish.  So with some thinking and pondering I finally hooked on one familiar circular shape…. a Stargate!  You know that movie with Kurt Russell and James Spader where they travel through a giant circular wormhole gate to another planet and defeat Ra, that spun off a TV series(SG1), and then another TV series(Atlantis), and another TV series(Universe).  THAT!

So with a lot of repetitive decorative stitching….. I now give you the Stargate Cat Bed:

Sonja was quick to test the gate out.

My gate has 9 symbols (including Earth, my birth sign, and Ben’s birth sign) and 3 chevrons.  The interior floor is done in a wormhole blue.  Most importantly though… the bottom foam is covered with canvas to keep out a certain foam fetishist.

Link:  Lots of additional photos of the gate in progress

Update:  Well it took a few days but Sonja finally considered sharing her Stargate Bed with Conan.

Sharing... but only until the Atlantis version is done!

An Update and…. Wonton Destruction

Ok so, if anyone is wondering if I gave up on geeky knitting after the pokebag…. no.  I am however in the middle of a needlepoint break from knitting.  Please excuse my hasty photos that are unfortunately a bit fuzzy.  I’ll try to update them a bit later.  One project is done:

Stitched up but I need to finish it with a backing and stuff it into a pillow. Sorry the photo is a bit fuzzy.

And the other project I am still working on but I can’t show a photo of because its a future gift and photos on my blog would kind of ruin the whole surprise part of the gift giving.

I did however take a small break to give life to a rather amusing note found on a whiteboard that was a picture of a Wonton with the caption ‘Wonton Destruction”.    I mean a wonton wrapper is just a square right… how hard could it be…..

Do not be fooled by his soft and fuzzy feel... he is secretly plotting to destroy the world!

And lastly…. a sneak peek at the yarn involved in my next knitting project.  Careful the caption puns are dangerous.

I will relish when I get ketsup on my needlework and can get knitting on this Mustard colored yarn.